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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke No Point Commissions by SweetDuke

Unleash your fantasies
I'll do whatever you ask me, bondage or not.
I do not images of children.

How it works:
1 - Send me a note saying what you want, as detailed as possible.
2 - I'll answer if it is possible or not, (some clothes, are very difficult to do in 3D), I will inform the commission amount.
3 - If you agree, send me a note saying YES, I will return my e-mail from PayPal to you pay.
4 - I will wait for payment when I confirm it, I start the job.
5 - I'll send you an example of the avatar and the situation for you to make adjustments.
6 - After all in agreement, I will create the final image, and I'll send it to your e-mail with high resolution, if you agree, I'll post on my DA, with due credit.


Creation of a female human character: $ 20 (if you choose to use one of my characters that are not charged)

Creating an image with 1 angle: $ 30
Creating an image with two angles: $40


image with 1 angle: Wonder Woman Hogtied by daneremo01 Supergirl tied by daneremo01 Powergirl Fondled by daneremo01
image with two angles: Sara exercising herself by daneremo01 Amy spanking by daneremo01

PayPal Only Stamp by pjbatter

Any questions, send me a note.
.:Bondage:. by OnyxNocturne Jessica Rabbit Stamp Animated by DJWill
GREMIO IMORTAL by brenotricolor
Hello to all
I want to apologize to everyone for my lack of posts, the problem is that I'm no free time to work on the images, I have a lot of work in my personal life, and I'm trying to play some games on my XBOX360, and this has reduced my time to make images, to just 2 hours a day, and I spent this time doing the commissions.

fortunately the extra work is ending, and I intend to return to work with my projects:

Carried into the Darkness
Sara e Alicia
Relic Hunter
Ninja Tomoe

I want to indicate to all the stories of :iconlespion1944:
those who follow me, already know it, because the series: Carried into the Darkness

Carried into the Darkness by daneremo01 Carried into the Darkness 2 by daneremo01 Carried into the Darkness 3 by daneremo01  Carried into DarknessCarried into Darkness
A story by L’Espion
Based on the artwork of danermo01
(edited by Dannysuling /
Chapter 1 Awakening
“I am rather disappointed in you, Miss Charbrier, really I am.  You walked right into my trap.  Did you even bother to leave a message with anyone telling them where you were going?  I find that quite unprofessional and hardly worthy of a correspondent of your reputation.”
The words came from so very far away that Clarissa barely heard them.  But they got louder as the speaker continued his monologue.  “Well, you wanted a story and now you are going to get one; but not quite in the way you imagined.”
She was aware of movement; a steady thumping as if someone was carrying her down a staircase.  That roused her slightly.  No one should be carrying her.  She had something important she was supposed to do; something she was supposed to find.  
Now she wa

Carried into the Darkness 4 by daneremo01  TestingCarried into Darkness
A story by L’Espion
Based on the artwork of danermo01
Chapter 2 Testing
“Shackled, blindfolded, and gagged,” the Abductor intoned.  “I’d really like to leave you that way, but I have decided that you are worthy of further testing, especially as your hidden talent is quite intriguing.  But that means that I can’t leave you the way you are.  Besides I expect that it must be getting rather uncomfortable by now.”
Uncomfortable was a complete understatement.  She was so sore that the thought of being further violated had her trembling with fear.  Her shoulders and arms ached from the unnatural position and her back was bruised from being rammed against the bar.  
“First, though there are a couple of things I must do.”  The abductor’s voice was calm, deep, and thoroughly chilling.  
What’s he going to do?  
His first arrangement was to unlock an

The WheelCarried into Darkness
A story by L’Espion
Based on the artwork of danermo01
(edited by Dannysuling /
Chapter 3 The Wheel
“I thought I could trust you, Clarissa,” the Abductor said.  “But now I see that I was wrong.”
Clarissa had stopped struggling, realizing that her panicked efforts to escape were doing nothing but exhausting her, but she began to kick and punch frantically as she realized what her captor intended to do next.  But it was as if she was trying to punch and kick a bus.  As helpless as a doll as she was arched backward over the wheel.  Her arms were raised over her head and inserted into the metal clamps on the rim of the wheel.  They closed automatically locking her arms in place.  And then he locked her ankles to the wheel in the same way.  Gasping with fear, Clarissa could only watch helplessly as the Abductor pulled a lever in the wall and the metal plate benea

as part of an Art Trade with :iconlespion1944: , he wrote 3 stories for me
all with Sara and Alicia, they are my oldest characters, and I have developed very little.

was an old desire to work more with them, so I decided to change them, and transform Alicia in a great detective, with a high number of solved cases (all involving kidnapping, bondage, rape, sex slaves merchants, etc. )
with that, Alicia (and consequently Sara) earn a long list of enemies, and they are often victims of these enemies.

Below is a small description of the first stories of Sara and Alicia on this new point of view, do not forget to read, remember and are not for under 18 years,  contains rape and bondage scenes.

The Abduction of SaraThe Abduction of Sara
Story by L’Espion
Idea by daneremo01
Her nipples were as hard as rivets, and she was so wet that she was almost dripping as her captor adjusted the restraints holding her arms.  She was spread out on the tabletop, her arms held just above the elbows by heavy clamps and her wrists held by similar devices.  She was completely at the mercy of her abductor and had never been so aroused.  
“There,” Sara mused aloud.  “That should get the juices flowing.”  The first three chapters of her new novel were off to a good start and it was time for a little break.
It was time to give her new latte machine a try.  She headed toward the kitchen and paused briefly in front of the full length mirror in the hallway.  She was a tall woman and her reflection came to the top of the mirror.  She put her hands on her hips and shifted her weight back and forth, enjoying the way her lon
 this story, tells one of the sexual adventures of Sara and Alicia

Jail baitJail Bait
Story by L’Espion
Idea by daneremo01
“Fucking bitch, you think you’ve pulled off a real coup, but you ain’t heard the last of this.”
“That goes double for me.  You’re going to wish you’d kept your mouth shut.”
Alicia looked disdainfully at the two women.  They were both fairly attractive, one with shoulder-length black hair and the other a strawberry blonde.  Under different circumstances she might have fancied a session with one or both of them.  They were both dressed in the blue and black uniforms of the Metro City Police and were obviously headed out on their beat patrol.  “Screw you, Flaherty and you too Harper.  You completely fucked up my case with that planted evidence.  You’re both lucky you still have jobs.  Enjoy your time checking parking meters.  Now get going or I’ll put you both on report.”
Flaherty opened
 in this story, Sara and Alicia are at the mercy of two corrupt police women

Three's Company, Four's...Three’s Company, Four’s...
Story by L’Espion
Idea by daneremo01
Part 1: The Setup
“You think she’ll come?” Sara asked.  
“She said she would,” Alicia answered.  “We’ll just have to wait and see.”
“Maybe she’s not into the sort of fun and games we like?”
“Oh, she’s into it all right.  Don’t forget that we met her at the Club.”
Sara shrugged and sipped at her Margarita.  “The Club,” was there name for the BDSM group she and Alicia went to on a regular basis.  There had been a new member there at the last meeting.  Alicia had seen her first, attracted by the way she filled out her T-shirt and the fall of red hair that reached below her shoulders.  Her name was Brandi and she was a waitress at Hooters, and although they had not managed to spend any time with her at the meeting they had made contact and had seemed mutually attracted to on
 in this story, Sarah and Alicia are betrayed, and are raped in her own house

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